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About the Company!

LeadersNutrition is a multinational health & beauty product franchise firm representing range of unique products which has served people’s fitness and wellbeing across the globe for nearly 30 years. This industry accounts over $200 billion every year and is growing every day as everyone wants to feel great internally and look good externally.
We are a global team of passionate entrepreneurs, professional networkers & proven millionaires who pursue fulfillment with the joy of being self-employed. Our core team of Business Partners functions as a pillar of our business ecosystem by providing mentorship & coaching to all who join the family of LeadersNutrition with unified destiny to reach and touch lives across boundaries.
With prowess in direct selling & professional networking we possess insight in the industry, company & products we engage with. Our unique business model built to leverage the power & potential of internet in today's era has proven to networkers within the family of LeadersNutrition as an effective platform which propels business growth every day for all.
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Elizabeth Anna

The quality & price-performance ratio of all the products immediately convinced me to join this network. My experience with LeadersNutrition in this industry is the growth from good to great. Unsubstitutable business model and brilliant car concept.

Victor Berkin

Amazing! Freedom to work & earn whenever and wherever of my choice. My family lives in financial freedom everyday as this unique business model has no limit for anyone. Every day I go for it and give my best!

Jack Willson

I started working with LeadersNutrition 7 months ago. At the beginning I was a bit skeptical. But now I am really enjoying the best time ever. Dream come true! I recommend for anyone who is passionate to live their life of success. Thank you Leaders!

Amanda Elizabeth Hall

LeadersNutrition has taken me to a point in my career where I am happy and independent. I earn more money and have much more time for myself. I love connecting to people across the globe and share the value of goodness of all the products. Gratefully, I enjoy it.

Know René

René Søgaard, he is a man who had the courage to listen to his heart, follow his dreams and create his own success.

René Søgaard

René is originally from the small town of Billund in Denmark, and today he lives in the beautiful city of Aarhus in Denmark with his wife and three children. He is an entrepreneur, a professional networker and an adventurist. About 21 years ago René’s life took a radical turn. He read an article on the concept of network marketing and about a multinational German company that offered exclusive health and beauty products with a unique marketing platform. The company is 'LR Health and Beauty Systems'. René decided to act and after a brief meeting with LR, he was even more curious. He was turned on by the thought of a new lifestyle that offered the potential to earn money, personal freedom, possibility to travel the world and conduct business on the go. He finally decided to embrace this chance of a lifetime and ever since the world has been his playground and 'LR Health and Beauty Systems' his business partner.

René always says…“The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential...these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence.”

René shares his experience and passion for the network marketing idea and lifestyle to people connected to him by providing variety of useful tools, tips and ideas for anyone with just a fragment of ambition in life. As René points out, network marketing is a partnership system where you guide others to success, and thereby increase your own success. With René as your partner and mentor, everyone has a better start on a new career for a new life.

René’s talent is obvious, and his success undeniable. To work with René is an amazing opportunity as he imparts knowledge & instruction to everyone connected to him directly from the top of the network marketing industry.

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